Quarantine Diaries: Day 59

Wednesday May 27th 2020 

Coronavirus Cases: 5, 778, 551 

Deaths: 356, 722 

Recovered: 2, 490, 431 

Most of the chicken fingers refunded, but one is still pending. I’m watching you Zaxby’s app. I went to work for five hours on this dreary day with plans to go across the street to Great Clips after for a haircut with my girl Brenda from Wisconsin. There’s another Brenda there too and she’s a witch. Not the cool kind, just the mean kind. She tried to cut my ear off when I was a kid. I checked in online, with a wait of 140 minutes. After work I went in and check in in-person with a wait of 80 minutes. Masks were required to enter the salon. I entered and the lobby was empty apart from a single chair by the coatrack and a check-in table to the immediate left. A young girl sat there wearing her mask while “6 feet apart” and “no shampoo or rinse services provided at this time” signs hung from the fold out table. I gave her my name and she searched it on the iPad. She said she would call me when I was ready to be seen, but I’d have to wait in the parking lot. The lot was pretty empty considering the wait. I’m guessing most people did what I did and left during the wait. I pumped gas. It’s $1.75 a gallon at the moment. I then ordered chicken tender subs on sale from Publix. While those were made, I went to the dollar store and bought some candy, drinks, and Dove soap. I buy my soap there because I get a whole bar for a dollar. I love a good deal. I then went back across the street to Publix, which is a fancy white people grocery store. My sandwich wasn’t ready so I was just wandering around looking like I belonged. I peed, I looked at their sausages and cakes, and perused their assorted vegetables. I got a call, expecting it to be the stylist, but it was a Publix chef telling me they didn’t have wheat bread. I told them to give me whatever bread they had. Seconds later, the stylist called me.  

Stylist – “Is this Oscar? Are you in our parking lot?” 

Oscar – “Um. Yes”, I lied.  

Stylist – “Come on in.” 

I then told them they didn’t need to toast the sub, but the lady went on taking her time wrapping my sandwich. Of course, I ran into a family friend and her husband. How’s your family? Blah blah blah. I shook his hand, and she scolded him. I told them not to worry because I have hand sanitizer in my car. I then sprinted to my car and sped to Great Clips. When I walked in, they told me to sit in a little fold chair. I was called by this little old lady I’ve never seen there before. Her name was Clara, I think. She was nice but she mumbled a lot. I just nodded. She told me how she thought 9/11 was the end of the world and this feels just like that. She also said something derogatory about the Chinese, but I pretended not to hear. I then tipped her $5 which is big spending for me. The stylists and the clients all wore masks. She would just clip around the band or move it slightly while cutting around my ear. I poured hand sanitizer on my face and drove straight home for a shower. Better safe than sorry. I washed all the clothes I had on. I don’t know how many careless old people have gone into that salon since they’ve opened. 5 went in while I was in there.  

I only tell you about my dumb haircut because I want to show you every aspect of quarantine life, but there are greater things happening in the world. Recently, video of several police man kneeling on a black man’s neck came out. The man yelled that he couldn’t breathe. He was scared, but the police didn’t care. Pictures have surfaced of that cop with a “Make Whites Great Again” hat. George Floyd died. America has been desensitized to black men dying. It’s terrifying. They don’t even have to be doing anything. Some black men and women have been shot by police in their own homes. America’s poison hasn’t been diluted by the quarantine. Every week we hear about black people killed, Latinos detained, and Asians harassed. I’m angry. Riots have started in Minneapolis. They mayor is demanding the killer is arrested. So often in these cases, the cops are given paid leave as a slap on the writs. I hope the riots continue, if only to prove to the suits that we are tired as a nation. There is a race war simmering under this pandemic and it’s only getting worse. 

Today’s Entertainment: 

TV – Dead to Me (a comedy drama about suburban women who kill each other’s husbands but get through it with drugs and the power of friendship) 

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A first generation Mexican-American nerd who studied English and Psychology, but relies on spell check and autocorrect for everything.

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