Quarantine Diaries: Day 62

Sunday May 31st 2020 

Coronavirus Cases: 6, 263, 064 

Deaths: 373, 858 

Recovered: 2, 846, 523 

Today, Anonymous, the hacker group, has decided to take matters into their own hands. While riots have broken out in major cities across America, Trump has told police to “start shooting thugs” in his own words. Something like, “when the looting starts, so does the shooting.” Meanwhile, while his followers were protesting the quarantine by storming city halls with assault rifles, he called them concerned citizens. That’s what’s wrong with this country. Anonymous released Jefferey Epstein’s little Black Book, which implicates the Trump family, some royals, and a couple celebrities in human trafficking. Jeffery Epstein is famous for having “killed himself” right before he was going to name some names of his fellow child abusers. We all know there’s something going on there. I wouldn’t be surprsied if nothing comes of this. Some much damning evidence has come out for powerful people and yet they thrive. Their loyal followers refuse to listen to reason or facts.  

I worked all day today, but I tried to keep track of the riots. A march happened in Asheville yesterday, but it was peaceful. Police even helped to direct traffic. I read in the comments of a post though that the police in Asheville is not to be trusted. I’ve heard things about my local town’s police that doesn’t surprise me. They’re all not very trustworthy large white men who fall into the donut stereotype if you know what I mean. Becoming a nurse or policeman is what teens to around here. It’s noble, but there’s not much selectivity. Anyone can do it. There are some more POC joining those fields locally. In fact, the one time I was pulled over was by a young black guy. He was handsome, in shape, and very polite. I was driving home from work and didn’t realize my tag was expired. My dad deals with that car stuff. I just used it to drive to work, school, and back. That’s it. No joyrides. He apologized, but I knew he was doing his job. Of course, I was terrified when I saw those blue lights. I thought, “is this one of those people who calls my family and I wetbacks?” I know how they feel about people with Spanish names or darker skin. I had a good experience with a policeman, but that’s in the minority. This is all so scary, no one is even worried about corona anymore. Giant groups of people wearing masks, more to protect their identities and filter teargas than anything. If the cases don’t spike, then I will put more in to the theory this was all some elaborate prank. In either regard, statistics say daily deaths are falling.  

Today’s Entertainment: 

Hearing my teenage worker break down why she and her ex best friend still follow each other on Instagram, but are no longer on speaking terms