Quarantine Diaries: Day 58

Tuesday May 26th 2020 

Coronavirus Cases: 5, 678, 242 

Deaths: 351, 638 

Recovered: 2, 426, 386 

*Disclaimer: I realize all of this is first world problems but this is my diary so let me vent. * 

My mom wanted me to order chicken fingers, so I ordered through the Zaxby’s app. The app glitched out and kept denying my order request, so I clicked “retry”. It kept failing. Finally, it went through. All good and well until my mother got into the long line and was told that no such order was placed. Still, my card had already been charged and I had a confirmation email. I then checked to make sure it was the right location. Indeed, it was. I checked my bank account and my card was charged not once, not twice, but 7 times for some chicken tenders! $16 each time so around $112! That’s so many chicken fingers! Apparently, the manager called corporate and the app was glitching statewide. My mom still had to pay out of her pocket so they better refund all of it. Now I sound like that lady who got mad at me with her card not going through when we first switched registers, but it’s annoying for all parties involved. Sometimes I hate technology. I was just praising these fast food apps days ago, and claiming Subway had the worst one because the customization never came out right. I guess Zaxby’s is now the worst one. Best is hands down Chick-Fil-A. They’ve got it down to a tee. Next Is Dominoes and Jimmy Johns. They’re pretty good too.  

I was going to go for a haircut, but the wait was still an hour at all times. One Great Clips in Missouri actually broke out with COVID cases after their reopening. I just want to shave my head at this point because my hair is greasy and oddly heavy. I went to the park with my friends. They were eating Chipotle. Barf. If I’m going to eat fake Mexican food, I will go with Taco Bell. At least the diarrhea is swift and painless. I caught up with a bunch of shows, but I’m going to work again tomorrow. I’m still really pissed about the Zaxby’s situation. I may never eat chicken fingers again. To top it all off, my dad made me do tech support to install yet another Wi-Fi extender that came in the mail because the company sent us the wrong version the first one. At least they sent us the newest one for free. Some companies care…about their reputation that is. Not about the customer. I read that only the ruthless and sociopathic CEO’s become successful because it takes a level of dehumanization to climb to the top of the business pyramid. Because of that, I want to be a writer. Instead of being mean to humans, they’re mean to fictional characters and that can’t hurt anyone except dedicated fans.  

Today’s Entertainment: 

TV – Rick and Morty, Vida, Stargirl, and The Durrells in Corfu 

Quarantine Diaries: Day 35

Friday May 1st 2020 

Coronavirus Cases: 3, 398, 458 

Deaths: 239, 443 

Recovered: 1, 080, 101 


I caught up with three different shows today. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me. Mami Rosa came over and wanted pizza, so I ordered mushroom and pineapple pizza, sweet mango habanero wings, chicken alfredo in a bread bowl, and marbled cookie brownies. Let me break that down real quick and turn this into a food diary.  

Mushroom and Pineapple pizza – I know pineapple on pizza is taboo, but in the future maybe you have realized how amazing it is. Sweet and savory. Have you also figured out the delicacy that is mint chocolate chip ice cream? We are making that tomorrow at work. The mushrooms add an odd texture, but my mom likes it so I got it.  

Sweet Mango Habanero wings – Again, sweet and savory. They aren’t too spicy, but they do have a little kick. A karate kick. The wings are tiny though, probably came from a baby chicken.  

Chicken Alfredo in a bread bowl – Pretty normal, but it came in a bowl made of bread. How cool is that. It was essentially pizza crust. Yum.  

Marbled cookie brownies – Half brownie, half cookie. What more could you want? 

That’s all that happened of importance today. I saw my friends at the park. They went to Chipotle to get some Americanized Mexican food. I had it once in Washington D.C. and I hated it.  

Today’s Entertainment: 

TV – What We Do in the Shadows (There’s only two seasons so far, so I’m fully caught up and I love it) and Shrill (the sister series to Ramy and Pen15, which both came out around the same time and feature young comics in the title roles. This one examines the “fat” identity and feminism from several different perspectives. One episode examined how mainstream feminism ignores women of color, low-income women, and fat women. Ask the main character. Fat isn’t a bad word. If it is the future, censor it out so I don’t get attacked by critics. Also, have you guys made a machine that gives you a perfect body yet?) 

Film – The Eye (Jessica Alba gets a cornea transplant and sees Grim Reapers. It was pretty good by today’s standards. Also, Jessica was one of the first Latin leading ladies, and she doesn’t get enough credit for it. You better put some respect on her name)