Quarantine Diaries: Day 64

Tuesday June 2nd 2020 

Coronavirus Cases: 6, 473, 690 

Deaths: 381, 709 

Recovered: 3, 006, 402 

We trained a couple new employees today. Also, I trained my promoted coworker on how to use the machine while explaining to him why posting #alllivesmatter is not a good idea. An analogy used is that of a bible verse is which Jesus has a flock of sheep. One sheep is separated from the group, so Jesus goes to save it. The other sheep ask “what about us?” Jesus replies, “You aren’t the ones in danger.” He seemed to get it after, and posted a black lives matter post. After work, I bought all the months rations or Lucas’s formula, some paper towels, toilet paper, and water. I was almost told I couldn’t buy two rolls of paper, but they let me because they saw I had a baby at home. Finally, this kid comes with perks.  

It’s simple math. All lives can’t matter if the black ones are being stamped out. If Latin children are being put in cages. If Asians are being attacked because they are believed to hold the coronavirus. If Native Americans are being ignored. If Muslim-Americans are being called terrorists. People who have never had to feel oppression can’t comprehend what it’s like. The closest they have is not being able to get a haircut for two weeks. Today everyone posted a plain black square in an act of solidarity called #blackouttuesday. A flyer has been circulating about a peaceful protest planned to be this Saturday. I work that day, but I might stop by for a couple hours before. The Asheville protest ended in fireworks and tear gas, but sources say that it was peaceful until a group of rioters interrupted the peace to intentionally start a mess. Now, Asheville has a curfew of 8PM to 6AM. In Brevard where I went to school, there was a march with black and white people alike, including some cops. It’s interesting that a lot of these protests feature white people antagonizing the police in the guise of standing up for their black counterparts. Maybe it’s because they know the police will not hurt them, or because they want to be seen as woke. Either way. I’m all for any progress.  

In other news, my friend came out to me. Not really, he just kind of talked about pride vaguely and I assumed. He told me about an ex-boyfriend of his. I told him I’ve had crushes on guys and girls, but lately I just feel jaded. And before you fanatics ask, yes. I did try to pray those feelings away, but I can’t control how my brain reacts to stimuli. It doesn’t matter, because I don’t even think anyone sees me as a romantic candidate. I’m more of a cartoon character. In middle school, a friend told me she heard girls talking about me in the bathroom. They said I was cute, but as, like, a little brother. I think that’s how everyone sees me. Yes, I’ve had some people confess feelings for me, but I never felt the same. Therefore, I’ve never been able to explore my own sexuality or feelings. I just have crushes and let them burn up inside me until they fizzle out. For now, I’ll let it come naturally.  

PS: I submitted my application for the Disney/ABC Writer’s Program three whole days early! 

Today’s Entertainment: 

Book – The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (The Hunger Games Prequel about corrupt President Snow as a kid aka the one character no one asked to learn more about. It reads like a fan-fiction so far, but I’ll give it a chance)  

Quarantine Diaries: Day 62

Sunday May 31st 2020 

Coronavirus Cases: 6, 263, 064 

Deaths: 373, 858 

Recovered: 2, 846, 523 

Today, Anonymous, the hacker group, has decided to take matters into their own hands. While riots have broken out in major cities across America, Trump has told police to “start shooting thugs” in his own words. Something like, “when the looting starts, so does the shooting.” Meanwhile, while his followers were protesting the quarantine by storming city halls with assault rifles, he called them concerned citizens. That’s what’s wrong with this country. Anonymous released Jefferey Epstein’s little Black Book, which implicates the Trump family, some royals, and a couple celebrities in human trafficking. Jeffery Epstein is famous for having “killed himself” right before he was going to name some names of his fellow child abusers. We all know there’s something going on there. I wouldn’t be surprsied if nothing comes of this. Some much damning evidence has come out for powerful people and yet they thrive. Their loyal followers refuse to listen to reason or facts.  

I worked all day today, but I tried to keep track of the riots. A march happened in Asheville yesterday, but it was peaceful. Police even helped to direct traffic. I read in the comments of a post though that the police in Asheville is not to be trusted. I’ve heard things about my local town’s police that doesn’t surprise me. They’re all not very trustworthy large white men who fall into the donut stereotype if you know what I mean. Becoming a nurse or policeman is what teens to around here. It’s noble, but there’s not much selectivity. Anyone can do it. There are some more POC joining those fields locally. In fact, the one time I was pulled over was by a young black guy. He was handsome, in shape, and very polite. I was driving home from work and didn’t realize my tag was expired. My dad deals with that car stuff. I just used it to drive to work, school, and back. That’s it. No joyrides. He apologized, but I knew he was doing his job. Of course, I was terrified when I saw those blue lights. I thought, “is this one of those people who calls my family and I wetbacks?” I know how they feel about people with Spanish names or darker skin. I had a good experience with a policeman, but that’s in the minority. This is all so scary, no one is even worried about corona anymore. Giant groups of people wearing masks, more to protect their identities and filter teargas than anything. If the cases don’t spike, then I will put more in to the theory this was all some elaborate prank. In either regard, statistics say daily deaths are falling.  

Today’s Entertainment: 

Hearing my teenage worker break down why she and her ex best friend still follow each other on Instagram, but are no longer on speaking terms 

Quarantine Dairies: Day 61


Friday May 29th 2020 

Coronavirus Cases: 6, 031, 023 

Deaths: 366, 812 

Recovered: 2, 659, 270 

I worked all day. My throat was hurting a bit, but I took Tylenol. Of course, all I’m thinking is…is this is? The virus has finally caught up with me. We’ll see in the coming days I suppose. My coworkers want to go hang out in Charlotte to drink and smoke, but I turned them down. I can’t do the same things other youths do. I have a baby at home. My mom needs my help. I refuse to let her raise him alone. My dad doesn’t help, so I have to be the man in Lucas’s little life.  

I came home and my mother was in bed with the baby. She was frustrated because her bitch of a supervisor made her go to a meeting with human resources. My mom is the nicest person you’ll ever meet. OK that’s an exaggeration but she’s nicer than the average person. The fact that this woman snapped at my mother and had the gall to abuse her power to make my mother silence herself at a work she has been at for 16 years gives me the greatest anger I’ve felt in a while. This same supervisor refuses to wear a mask because it’s against her religious beliefs….no mask…at the Health Department. I’ll let you find what’s wrong there. This beast has set her anger on my mom. My mother said, “Maybe your sister is right and we are cursed.” If so, I’m going to make my mom wear that mal de ojo bracelet I found the other day to ward away bad energy.  

My sister has this idea that a lot of bad things happen to us because we’re unlucky. It’s true bad things happen to us dissproportionately, but we are still healthy so I thank God for that. I pray every night and before after meal. I’m confident in my relationship with God that He will protect us. Having a higer power to believe in is comforting. Speaking of comforting, George Floyd’s murder was arrested and charged with 3rd degree manslaughter. Riots have broken out in other cities like Atlanta. If that’s what it takes to make change, then I’m all for it. Also, Twitter has begun fact checking and censoring Trump’s tweets. About time. Also, that orange crayon wants to ban social media. We’ll see how that goes. I’m guessing the whole free speech thing will strike it down, but less and less makes sense in this country every day. I’m trying to convince my mother to move us back to Mexico or even Spain to join my sister. Hopefully before Lucas speaks so he can develop a cute Spanish lisp.  

Today’s Entertainment: 

Film – Ouija (I would never touch a Ouija board. I found one once in the toy aisle of Target in Texas. What kind of kid thinks summoning a demon is a fun way to pass a summer day?) 

Quarantine Diaries: Day 60

Thursday May 28th 2020 

Coronavirus Cases: 5, 900, 527 

Deaths: 361, 764 

Recovered: 2, 577, 181 

Today was boring and all I did was watch Insidious 2 and eat. I walked it off at the park. Around 6 miles, but the whole time I just felt a deep pit in my stomach thinking about the George Floyd scenario. Everyone online and on TV is talking about it, as they should be. People are trying to divert the attention from the police brutality to the looting happening in Minneapolis. They are saying, “Stealing plasma TVs will not bring George back.” Yeah, that’s the point. Someone is dead. Nothing else matters. People will react how they will. Some will take advantage of his death for their personal or political gain. I have so many thoughts I want to post, but words can be misconstrued. I’m just sad for his family. I want justice for him and the hundreds of other innocent black lives taken. They deserved better. They still deserve better.  

I fear for my nieces and nephew. I fear for my friends. For the families I serve ice cream cones or check Disney DVD’s out to. They shouldn’t be scared of the ones who are meant to protect them. I know most police are good, but America has a lot of deep-rooted issues we need to get to the bottom of.  Some people abuse their power. From local law enforcement to the White House. We can all agree that there’s work to be done and change to happen. We shouldn’t be fighting violence with violence, but posting #RIP on social media can only do so much. I post this here and not on social media because people don’t care what I have to say. I know because I don’t care about most people’s posts either. I’m a white Mexican who grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. How can I possibly help the Black Lives Matter movement? Progress seems unachievable at times, but the resilience of black Americans has always been evident. I still want to have hope that a voice will rise to unite all of America, but it’s like we’re 50 baby countries pretending to be one adult one. 

Today’s Entertainment: 

Film – Insidious: Chapter 2 (we found a “mal de ojo” bracelet in a pile of laundry yesterday. It’s basically a handmade bracelet with an eye in the center meant to ward off evil spirits and bad luck brought on by other people’s jealousy of you. Later in the day, I found a picture frame on the ground. It was my sister’s elementary school portrait and the glass was shattered. It makes me think the house is haunted now like the one in this movie, Also, there should be a Conjuring and Insidious crossover because both have James Wan and Patrick Wilson. They can just say that Josh is a lost nephew of Ed Warren. See? Continuity solved)